Students Against Corona
Kevin Hofman  •  Leiden Leadership Programme

An initiative: Briefly, the idea is to connect motivated students with organisations that could use some support at the moment. The organisation puts forward a project/issue/problem and we connect them with between three and six suitable students who can help the organisation find a solution, or provide some ideas and advice. Projects can be large scale (for the National Corona Pevention Team we’re investigating resilience in society) or small (we’re helping a graphic design company map out their biggest challenges for the coming time). Right now we are also developing an educational programme within the Air Force, and working with a care organisation in Rotterdam and a secondary school.

We felt very powerless in a time when we wanted to contribute, particularly as students of crisis management. We thought we couldn’t be the only people in this situation, so we worked out this way of using students’ brainpower to help people.

We’re already working on this project with a team of nine students from different study backgrounds and universities. Marloes Snippert (who is also doing the LLP) is also involved as an expert in healthcare.