Poetry: Epidemic ending
Nadia Bouwsma • Leiden Leadership Programme

And so my university career ends with an epidemic. A sudden silence, a momentary pause, planning for solitude and the last bits of university work. Empty buildings, desolate streets. And the prospect of a diploma in the upcoming month of August. The end.

Once a poem has been written, it’s no longer yours; it belongs to the reader. For me, this poem was a record of how I felt at the moment in time when the first few measures were announced to deal with the Corona crisis. I think it’s important to be fully aware of all my feelings, and, although I’m a very positive person, just to let them be there for a while and then use that energy to really push forward.

In whatever form you experience Corona, from nurses to security staff, it is important to keep in mind you can always be in the moment like deer can. I hope my writing inspires you to do the same.